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Singing Lessons Preston, Melbourne and Korumburra, Gippsland

Students and workshop participants may access the singing exercise page for six months after completing a workshop or lesson. Please email if you need a password update

Here's a sample of Jenny singing a very simple song from 2017


Qualifications and experience.

Jenny has taught singing for over 20 years. She has a BA (Music/Drama) and a Dip Ed in teaching performing arts, classroom music and instrumental music (Singing).

She is VIT registered, has an ongoing part time position in a secondary school and has taught VET and VCE singing. She was employed by ABC TV and worked with Choir Of Hard Knocks for three years as a co-founder. She founded the Choir Of Hard Knocks training choir "Morning Bells Choir," the All Abilities Choir "High Street Bells  Choir" and Country Choir "Lipstick and Spurs." She has trained singing leaders for Community Music Victoria and Creativity Australia. 

She has worked with 1000's of singers and performed in and conducted 1000's of shows around Australia since the early 1990's in most major venues including Sydney Opera House,  Hamer Hall, Vodaphone Arena, tourist resorts and tiny little dusty country halls throughout Australia. 

She coaches pre service and existing music teachers to prepare  curriculum and lead singing in the classroom. She is experienced in Special Needs singing and can consult on starting choirs.

Performance anxiety, general anxiety 

She is excellent at encouraging nervous singers to gain confidence. In addition to working with young people with generalised anxiety, in recent years she has worked with singers over 55, exploring their voice and undoing fears often held since childhood.  She suffered extreme stage fright in her early years and has many tried and proven strategies for helping people with performance and general anxiety, both on and off stage. She works with the body, imagery, journaling, and breath to help people. She is very patient,  knowing that confidence, strength and skill is available to each individual in their own time.

Singing in tune, and in time;

Jenny has many tricks to bring "tone deaf" singers into tune and in time. She knows "tone deafness is not a real condition but rather a result of  historical ignorance and poor teaching skills. There are a small number of people who have genuine deficits with interpreting sound, this occurs at about the same rate as dyslexia does in the  community. She has strategies even for these singers. She also can help people increase range, fitness and musicianship.


Jenny is a songwriter, poet, painter, gardener and performer. She encourages daydreaming and exploration.

She understands the creative heart and recognises individual qualities of sound, context and aesthetics and doesn't assume a "one style suits all". She has worked with professional musicians coaching them to find their preferred sound for performance.


Students are given exercises and songs to work with at home. Without a commitment to practice, progress is compromised. All students are encouraged to practice a minimum of 15-30 minutes, at least 5 days a week. While life can sometimes divert us from achieving our intended goals, Jenny will continually encourage students to resume their practice. 

 Workshops available too

Cost and times 

Individual, and duo lessons are


30 minutes - $35

45 minutes $52.50

60 Minutes $ 70


Teacher Coaching

$70 per hour


Teaching In Preston Melbourne, Mondays

Teaching in Korumburra, Gippsland Fridays.


Jenny also travels Australia wide through rural and remote areas from time to time. 


For corporate, festival or event  workshops, please enquire

Lesson Frequency

People are welcome to have casual lessons that work around their other life commitments, however having regular lessons will generally move people ahead more consistently. Most students have lessons fortnightly. You are also welcome to have one off or just a few lessons to explore specific singing issues.


Please text 0413045553


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