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 The things people say....

People talk. They've said a bit over the years. Here's a few snippets.

Lipstick and Spurs SInger

'Lipstick and Spurs is the best thing I have done all year."

Workshop singer

"Hi there Jenny

and  I say to you again how much I really enjoyed the workshop on the weekend much lovely interesting  music I might not otherwise have delved into, plus you sing like an angel and of course should be up there in the firmanents bedazzling a much wider audience..."

Choir Member

"When you sing, it's like a burst of heaven"

     -Bruce, Choir Of Hard Knocks

Hall Hollerer, 

"That was great, it was really easy, I had so much fun!, I can't wait for the next session."



"You made me cry"

"That was some fine calibre of musicians you had up there, that was magic.

Event Organiser

"That was just fantastic, you really got the room moving. You made the event."

-Launch of Neighborhood House Network 

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