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Upcoming Workshops



We don't currently have any upcoming workshops. To stay in the loop with choir news and when our next workshop will be, like us on Facebook!

Workshop Rundown

This is a happy sing, previewing some of what the ongoing choir does together each week.

The choir is suitable for beginners and experienced singers and is  valuable as a musical and performance journey for people who want to have some fun and perform. There are no auditions to join, all that's required is an ability to enjoy yourself, go with the flow and see the good in your fellow singers.


You will gain experience using different microphones, preparing material for musicians, basic promotion understanding and receive a CD with singing exercices to build your vocal technique. 


You will be inspired, stimulated and respected. It will be fun, I promise. The best performances come from a combination of skill and love. We'll build both of these. 



Workshop F.A.Q.

Q: Do I need to be able to sing?

A.  If you can talk you can sing.  Don't fret, I'll show  you.

Q. My teacher in grade three said I was tone deaf but I love to sing. Can I come along?

A. Please do, I'd love to meet you. It's also possible your grade 3 teacher didn't know better. 

Q:  Can men come along too?​  

A. Yes please.

Q. Do I have to linedance?  

A. No, but wear loose comfy clothing as we'll stretch and move a bit.

Q.Do I have to dress up?

A.  Not for the workshops but if you perform with the choir at the concert, a beautiful vintage dress, or suit will compliment  your fabulous singing. I'm not fussy about which gender wears frock or  suit. We have day and evening wear. You can borrow one from our library if you can't find your own.

Q. What should I bring?​

A. Loose clothes, a water bottle, a pen and a lovely writing book. Also useful is a spirit of adventure and an open heart.

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