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Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is Coming


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Composed by Jenny Taylor, with the brass arrangement by Craig Pilkington, it is a beautiful piece of music, enjoyed by performers and audience alike. It was written with the conscious goal of creating a work that calms and soothes people in the lead up to Christmas. It therefore avoids some of the higher range notes and showiness of traditional carols, instead staying in the alto range, mostly stepwise, moving in unison and then smooth harmonies of sustained notes. The brass section offers repetition of a simple motif, balanced with long sustained notes. The effect is a soothing warm sound, which becomes unexpectedly beautiful and satisfying.

This piece has been written for simple playing by advanced beginner to intermediate players.

The intention when composing it was to create a piece of vocal music, which could be sung with a combination of skill levels. The soloist role can be shared with more singers, singing each of the three verses. Through the chorus and in verse three, the alto divides to form a 2-part harmony to the lead singers. There are some challenging rhythms in the alto vocal sections through verse 3.

Composer is available to teach the song and workshop the performance with your choir and accepts song commisions.

Buy the Music for your

Choir and Brass ensemble 



                    Available as


 Full score:  vocal, guitar and brass   $70

 Part score;  vocal and guitar             $40


Each score comes with

  • Permission to make photocopies and audio copies within your organisation.


CD containing 


  • Backing CD, with and without harmonies

  • Learning CD, with separate vocal tracks



On USB, Digital download or hardcopy.



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A Giftcard for Christmas, suitable for overseas postage.


"Christmas is Coming" recorded and presented as a CD

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When ordering 10 - 20  for fundraising cost is $6 per unit

Orders of 21+ cost is $5 per unit.


The Songcards retail for $12. 



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